Solarzone Bangladesh Limited

Solarzone Bangladesh Limited (SBL) was started business in 2017. It was started with Solar Home System. Because of local company & It’s best services people more and more trusted to it. So, gradually it’s business has growth quickly than other organization.

It was incorporated in 2019 with the Registered of Joint Stock Companies. Initially the company implemented solar home system projects in Rangpur Divisions.

In 2018 It was installed a solar irrigation pump with own fund, and become successful to that projects. Farmer’s were so happy & they had wanted more solar irrigation pump this sector.

But soon it decided to step into large projects of renewable energy sector and as a part of it, signed agreement with IDCOL for financing a Solar Irrigation Pump Project in 2019.


SBL Target is we will complete 5000 solar irrigation pump within 2025. Besides, they set up few solar roof top systems in and around Dhaka & Others District. They are planning to start several new mini-grid projects in the coming year. We have already installed 2575 Solar Home system projects.

“Solar Zone Bangladesh Limited (SBL) started its journey by a group of young entrepreneurs with the vision of helping the ongoing process of providing access to electricity to the people living mainly in off-grid areas of the country. With the watch word “Think outside the Barrel”, the company mainly focuses on renewable energy sector. SBL works on the extent of production, distribution and consumption of energy in efficient and environment friendly ways. Therefore our projects range from installation of small solar home system to large scale solar mini grid. Especially we are trying to reach the vast rural population who are either completely energy starved or who are not proper services in the energy sector. Hence Solar Irrigation Pump Project, roof top solar system, bio gas projects, improved cook stove are also part of our program. Since the beginning, SBL has been working with Infrastructure Development Company Ltd. (IDCOL) as one of the partners Of SIP Project.

In order to achieve significant improvement in energy efficiency and reduce the level of demand for natural gas, electricity, etc. SBL provides expert services to identify cost-effective improvements that results in the largest impacts on energy use in industrial and commercial sectors. The energy audits are conducted by our AEE certified energy auditors and we provide reports and solutions based on the tests. To further enhance energy efficiency, we also provide best quality solar electronics products with high energy rating.